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Consumer Protection

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Consumer Protection Committee

The Consumer Protection Affairs Committee has been formed by the four counties of Delaware, Montgomery, Chester and Bucks for the purpose of sharing important consumer-related information and help people find solutions to difficult consumer problems. The committee was created cross county lines so that all residents benefit by closer cooperation among the four neighboring counties.

Consumers encounter problems in everyday activities, from buying a car to returning merchandise. Home improvement contracting tops the list of consumer complaints. There is evidence that some unscrupulous contractors were crossing county lines in order to defraud homeowners. The same business names were turning up on complaints in each of the four counties. Without coordinated communications this might have gone unnoticed. Some cases actually proved to be criminal acts, not just poor service. In these cases, the files were turned over to the proper authorities for possible prosecution.

When a complaint comes in to the county department, the first step is generally mediation. The company in question is sent a letter outlining the complaint and given a chance to respond with their side of the story.

Department of Consumer Protection / Weights and Measures 
Michael D. Bannon, 
The Almshouse Building
1260 Almshouse Rd., 4th Floor
Doylestown, PA 18901
Phone: 215-348-6060 or 1-800-942-2669
Fax: 267-885-1420
email: consumerprotection@buckscounty.org