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What Will the Metric System Mean in the Marketplace?

Currently in packaged foods the number of different types of measurements encountered in a day's shopping can be bewildering. Some weights are expressed in avoirdupois ounces and pounds, fluid measures are expressed in gallons, liquid quarts, pints and fluid ounces, and dry measures are expressed in bushels, pecks, dry quarts and pints. A dry quart is 16 percent larger in volume than a liquid quart. By contrast, the metric system has one unit for liquid volume: the liter or some decimal fraction or multiple thereof (e.g. the milliliter is sometimes called the cubic centimeter). Only the longtime familiarity with customary system has made it useable.

When shopping, you will buy meat by the kilogram rather than by the pound, candy or cheese by the gram instead of the ounce. Rugs and fabrics will be sold by the meter rather than by the yard. For smaller dimensions the centimeter will replace the inch and the foot. Milk will be sold by the liter rather than by the quart. Gasoline will also be sold by the liter, although you will still be able to order it by the thankful!

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