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2013 News

“A Very Special Day for Korean Veterans”

July 26, 2013

Commissioners Salute Fallen Heroes, Veterans & Families to Commemorate 60th Anniversary of the Korean War Armistice

Color Guard During the Korean War Armistice CeremonyOn Friday, July 26, the Board of Bucks County Commissioners hosted the Bucks County Yong Dung Po Chapter of the Korean War Veterans Association to conduct the 13th annual county Korean War Armistice Day Ceremony. The Bucks County Courthouse Memorial Courtyard was filled with veterans, their families and a Marine Corps detail, one day before the 60th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice. The occasion is an annual remembrance of the 38 Bucks Countians who paid the ultimate sacrifice during the Korean War, as well as the 19 county residents who perished over the last 12 years during the ongoing War on Terror.

Master of Ceremonies Jerry Jonas at the podium.“This ceremony has become a fixture on the county public events calendar,” Commissioner Chairman Robert G. Loughery told an assemblage that included some two dozen Korean War veterans. Speaking of their enduring honor, courage and valor, he thanked armed services members of all generations, adding, “We appreciate everything you have done for us.” He also quoted President Dwight Eisenhower on the day of the Armistice: “With special feelings of sorrow and of solemn gratitude, we think of those who were called upon to lay down their lives in that far-off land to prove once again that only courage and sacrifice can keep freedom alive upon the earth,” President Eisenhower opined.

Commissioner Loughery speaks during the CeremonyEvent Master of Ceremonies and Korean War veteran Jerry Jonas again spoke poignantly of the July 27, 1953 armistice, which took place at 10 p.m. Korean time following a day of intense fighting. “Tomorrow is a very special day for Korean veterans,” Mr. Jonas stated, “especially for those that were there at the end of the war. I have been back to South Korea twice in the last few years and witnessed South Koreans enjoying their freedom.” During the Korean War, more than 37,000 American soldiers were killed and 102,000 were wounded before the guns fell silent after three years of continuous fighting. Another 8,200 remain missing to this day.

Veterans carry wreaths to the Memorial to honor the fallen.U.S. Marine Col. Craig Osborne spoke briefly of his admiration for the way “Bucks County takes care of its veterans.” Stationed at Fort Dix/McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey, Col. Osborne said he was humbled to take part in the ceremony. “It has been the highest honor of my life to lead young men and women into combat (during the War on Terror),” he added.

Before veterans, family members and dignitaries laid wreaths and 57 long-stemmed red roses at the Korean Memorial (one for each Bucks Countian lost in the Korean War and A veteran places on rose on the Memorial for awareness during the Armistice Ceremony.War on Terror), Congressman and former County Commissioner Michael G. Fitzpatrick delivered the keynote address. He spoke of how an individual’s military service can change the course of history “like a pebble in a pond that begins to ripple. We do not run from a just cause” He also acknowledged “those who served and survived to take their place at the table of American prosperity,” a nod to Korean War veterans who have served as pillars of the community.


Harold L. Adams – U.S. Army John J. McDonnell – U.S. Army
Auston W. Beetle – U.S. Air Force Raymond H. Miller – U.S. Army
Herbert Besch, Jr. – U.S. Army  James L. Niblick – U.S. Army
Matthew J. Biedka – U.S. Air Force Robert J. Ortlip – U.S. Navy
Robert E. Brown – U.S. Army Warren E. Palmer – U.S. Army
Donald L. Clayton – U.S. Marine Corps Paul E. Riess – U.S. Army
Harry Y. Eisenbray – U.S. Navy Clarence F. Rotenberger – U.S. Army
Hans W. Grahl – U.S. Marine Corps John M. Rozear, Jr. – U.S. Army
Warren H. Harms – U.S. Army Christopher Schlitz – U.S. Army
Thurle L. Hileman – U.S. Army Thomas F. Solometo – U.S. Army
John J. Holden – U.S. Army       John M.L. Stern, Jr. – U.S. Army
John D. Hunsberger – U.S. Marine Corps George W. Supplee – U.S. Air Force
Norbert G. Hurt – U.S. Army John J. Truan – U.S. Army
Casimir P. Kaczor – U.S. Army William F. Underdown - U.S. Army
Edward B. Keller – U.S. Army Richard Vaneekhoven – U.S. Army
Harold D. Kellett – U.S. Army Walter G. Wieckowski – U.S. Army
William R. Lewis – U.S. Marine Corps William J. Wiley – U.S. Army
Attilio M. Lupacchini – U.S. Marine Corps Gracian H. White – U.S. Army
Bruce F. Mathewson - U.S. Marine Corps Bernard M. Young – Marine Corps


Mark C. Baum – U.S. Army            
Edward W. Brabazon – U.S. Army

Kurt E. Krout - U.S. Army                  

Robert H. Dembowski – U.S. Army 
Travis L. Manion -U.S. Marine Corps             
Nathaniel E. DeTample – U.S. Army  
Robert T. Mininger – U.S. Marine Corps              
Allen J. Dunckley – U.S. Army
Kenneth B. Elwell – U.S. Army            
Jae S. Moon - U.S. Army 
Brian R. Faunce – U.S. Army                                
Patrick R. Nixon - U.S. Marine Corps 
Barton R. Humlhanz – U.S. Marine Corps         
Tamarra J. Ramos - U.S. Army
William J. Maher, III – U.S. Army                      
Kristofor T. Stonesifer - U.S. Army
Maurice J. Johnson - U.S. Army  
Shawn M. Suzch - U.S. Army   
Colby J. Umbrell - U.S. Army