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2013 News

Bucks County Bridge No. 198 in Springfield Twp. to Close for Repairs on Monday, December 2

December 2, 2013
The Bucks County General Services department today announced the notice to proceed with repairs to county bridge No. 198, which spans Cooks Creek as Bridge St. in Springfield Township. The construction bid to perform the repairs was approved by the Board of Commissioners on October 16, 2013. At that time, the board awarded the $689,213.50 contract to Professional Construction Contractors, Inc. of Bethlehem, PA.

The bridge will be closed to traffic today with a projected completion time of 120 days. As a public notice, residents are advised that the bridge will be marked with “Bridge Closed” signs. Emergency response personnel have been notified and instructed to use alternate routes to access the surrounding area.

The general scope of work for this project consists of replacement of the steel bridge deck and steel floor system, repainting/repairing of steel trusses, masonry repairs to the abutments and wings, installation of guiderail at approaches, installation of structure mounted guiderail, reconstruction of concrete collars, repaving of the approaches, and under bridge stream channel cleaning.